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Start your day off witha a delicious, savory breakfast at Bagels4u.  With a headquarters in Springfield, our bakery and deli Restaurant has 11 additional locations throughout New Jersey, so you never too far away to enjoy a delectable meal.  We offer sensational handmade bagels made fresh daily with the highest quality ingredients.  We provide a warm, friendly atmosphere for our customers. 



Bagels-4-U bagels are genuine New York style, kettle boiled and made from the highest quality ingredients. Did you know that our company is one of the last few companies in the country still making hand rolled, artisan quality bagels? While we all adjust to modern times by constantly improving our services, nothing beats the old-fashioned flavor of a crafted product.

Baked fresh, and welcoming you warm from the oven, our bagels are baked to perfection with an almost crunchy outside and a soft chewy inside. Just the way they are supposed to be. We roll a variety of flavors which may vary from bakery to bakery and add to them high quality seeds to create a marvelous combination of healthy and savory bagels.











Perfect for Sunday Brunch

 Breakfast with bacon, hashbrown, egg, sausages

Not many things top a good brunch on a Sunday morning. Instead of going out, sometimes it's just better to eat at the comfort of your own home!


Omelet- heat the frying pan and then cook the ham first, then beat the eggs and pour it in afterwards.  For an added touch, cut some onions and cook them with the ham before you put the eggs in.

  1. Hash brown - Once you are done with your omelet, you can use the same frying pan to fry the hash brown.  Don't overcook these or else they will be too crunchy. Bacon - No need to add seasoning because bacon has a very flavorful taste already.  Using the same frying pan and remember that you don't need to add any oil for bacon.
  2. Sausages - After the bacon is done, there is no need to add anymore oil for the sausages.  Leave them in the frying pan until they are fully cooked.


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